Samsung 37 "LCD TV

Samsung has become a market leader in the development and sale of HDTV. The new 37-inch LCD TV is a great product, the quality is top of the line features in the image. The Samsung 37 "LCD TV, living room, the theater will be your own staff. With excellent image and sound quality of this product, you never want to leave your living room.

The Samsung 37 "LCD TV offers high-qualityPhotos on a variety of functions on the screens in total excellence has led to contribute. The screen has a dynamic contrast ratio of 70,000:1, which improves the image on the display smoother and more realistic than ever. This report is a surplus of possibilities of different colors appear brighter and darker scenes, with the establishment of the new brightness and contrast. This product also has more scanning lines, more pixels and createsincreases image details viewing experience more enjoyable. The Samsung 37 "LCD TV also includes a cold cathode fluorescent lamp that any action against the light as bright colors meant to appear brighter than ever.

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The visual experience is with technology that improves the display of color and creates a 3D effect advance. The screen display with this technology has greatly improved and colors are deeper and stronger. The Samsung 37LCD TV also one that is rapidly reduced motion blur which is a common problem with HDTVs, because they show the movement. This product also includes a response time of 4 ms in a simple and fast to change channels and settings. In addition, the Samsung 37 "LCD TV has a high resolution that you sit watching television more closely than ever. You can sit much closer to this product to a standard TV and still others do not seePixels.

Samsung 37 "LCD TV

The Samsung 37-inch LCD TV has four HDMI ports, the computer, you can connect multimedia devices such as cameras, MP3 players and even. This feature allows the function of the TV monitor as the computer and can play music and video, HDTV has been saved on the computer, and on high-quality photos. You can also plug-in sound system that provides excellent quality surround sound while watching sports games andFilms.

This product has great features for producing high image quality and overall excellent image quality.

Samsung 37 "LCD TV
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