What is the difference between LCD and plasma televisions?

flat screen televisions are the newest trend in home entertainment. Both provide unrivaled picture quality and resolution, while the abolition of the bulkiness of the older rear-projection technologies. But with all the hype surrounding these two types of televisions, what is the difference between them? Although they look and are virtually the same price, they are not.

There are differences in the way they display their images. PlasmaThe technology consists of hundreds of thousands of small pixels that can display each of the colors red, green and blue. A plasma monitor often consists of two plates that are filled with an inert gas such as xenon or neon. If the pixels are excited by pulses of electricity, the gas becomes liquid, thus generating light. This light illuminates in turn, then the pixels, making them the appropriate color to display an image.

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LCD panels function in a similar Way. A group of thin-film-transmitters, or TFT, sends electricity to cells filled with liquid crystals. When the cells are affected by light, the liquid crystal can be filtered light. Unlike the pixels are used as televisions, plasma, LCD monitors create color by blocking the appropriate wavelengths of white light.

What is the difference between LCD and plasma televisions?

So which is better? The answer to this question depends on what you plan to use TV. Do not just use it to watch movies andTV>? If so, a plasma TV is perhaps the best, because they are capable of better color saturation and contrast, and higher than their LCD counterparts to display moving images. If you plan to spend a lot of time at computer screens or digital photography to plan your monitor, then an LCD might be better suited for this purpose.

Both plasma and LCD technologies have their advantages and disadvantages and theirThe final decision should be based on the application monitor.

What is the difference between LCD and plasma televisions?
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