Sales of durable goods customers cutting

MUMBAI: Even with the other companies complain of the crisis is raining on their parade sales, sales of refrigerators and ACS seem to have continued with the temperatures this summer. After a short summer season last year, this time with sizzling hot consumer spending spurred higher sales of consumer durables majors are coupled. AC and refrigerator sales forecast to 25% increase over the previous year, while the whole area could be a growth rate of 20% during the last record of 7% per yearBank loans in the housing sector has decreased drastically reduced by the banks and fuel and commodity prices. Each time this happens there is a disposable income family is the first purchase that is made of a durable product consumption, although none of the companies reported a reduction in staff or closing units because of the crisis, are the simplification operations to keep the edges intact. What we did, because of the recession because of the liquidity crisis, weall dressed in operational efficiency, which also helped. Make your supply chain leaner and more agile and a lot of credit to you in the market, has been strengthened. Then, the operation was more effective than they were originally. So if you could be your heart on a new refrigerator or a thin LCD television for your home, this will be a good time to do so. Companies such as Godrej and Samsung are introducing new products for consumer satisfaction.

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~ by lcdhdtva on November 28, 2010.

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