TV: LCD vs Plasma

If you are looking for home theater gets a new TV or a building, then there is plenty of research to do to get off before you do. There are currently two competing technologies for high-definition flat-screen TV. The first is LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and the second plasma TV. Both offer a great picture, perfectly flat screens, the lines will just keep looking straight in front of you, and immunity from magnetic distortion, butThe technology is better? What are its potential advantages and disadvantages? Read on for more information.

Before entering into the buy, what you need, you should have the "how do you run down," the quick and dirty edition. It 's very difficult to compare two competing technologies because to be rather on the nature, apples and oranges. It 'so nice to know that your fruit. Plasma and LCD TV to produce their images in extremely different. A plasma pixel consists of gas cells coated with a phosphorescent material. When an electric current to the gas load in a cell, makes the coat shine. However, in an LCD TV, the pixels are the background of the liquid crystal cell placed over a fluorescent light. The cell coverage varies in response to an electrical signal that passes through the block or the light. This method has been used for computer monitors for quite a while 'time.

Burn in has plagued plasma TV's reputation, while the> LCD TV seen as a "facade" only, but recent technological advances have reduced the technology gap between these two competitors. Now burning more plasma TVs are the resistance and the ship with the screen saver, while increased viewing angles LCD. So what's the difference? Well, first things first. It is no coincidence that the major producers of TV, plasma TV on top of the ladder, when they have been put on the LCD monitortheir initial positions. One reason is that the LCD is not economic at larger sizes. It 's very rare to see a 40 LCD with a screen size larger. "Also, if you look at screen sizes below 37" LCD flat is the only choice.

In my opinion, overall there is still a gap large enough to have a clear winner. I believe that for large applications like movies, you are better off with a solution of plasma. Plasmaa slightly better picture with brighter colors and more contrast in larger sizes. However, for an additional LCD TV, and when you see your electricity bill, you will be pleased to know that LCD is an equally consume less energy much more than a plasma size.

So if you need a flat screen for the kitchen, you will not be disappointed LCD-TV with the convenience of a. If you are looking for a TV in a format that overlap the technologies required toTo decide which to go with. I would like to choose a size plasma TV, in most cases, an LCD TV of the same. I feel the benefits of plasma picture quality advantages outweigh the disadvantages of the LCD, which also happen to disappear rapidly as the technology matures plasma.

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