Aero-TV: Cabin Management – Flight Display Showcases interface options

Sales Manager, Bob Hala, preview new products on display flight April 8 to April 10 hundreds in Orlando, Florida, 53 Annual Conference AEA International Convention & Trade Show visit, founded in 1957 and is the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) more 1300 branches of industrial and general aviation avionics and electronics systems. At AEA 2010 introduction of new products, the leading Flight Display System, presents two new aftermarket CabinEntertainment products. For those owners and operators seeking to offer an exceptional in-flight entertainment Flight Display Systems has introduced a brand new 22 "Widescreen HD-Fly ™ LCD flat screen with full HD resolution of 1080p. Weighs only 9.75 pounds and only 1.6 "in depth FD220CV VerHD its compact size ideal for Gulfstream, Challenger, Global Express and Falcon operators. Flight Display Systems has also announced an upgrade kit for Airshow ™ 100, 200 and 400 ™ ™ Airshow AirshowOwners, the upgrade kit provides a simple alternative for modernizing the maps on the move for thousands of old Airshow ™ products no longer supported. For $ 11,074, the kit includes new Flight Display Moving Map with satellite images from around the world, state-of-the-art hardware, and two-year warranty. CEO David Gray Flight Display Systems was founded in 1999. Two years later, the company previewed its first product, the Flight Display Moving Map, a more economical and more efficient than anything in theAircraft cabin

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