Plasma TV or LCD? A comparison

Both plasma and LCD technologies are trying to provide the same results (similar, anyway), both are rarely used in televisions and are flat. Here you can side-by-side list of what each has to offer that the other does not.

Plasma TV Overview

1. Plasma displays are made of cells that made the glass included. There is a narrow gap between the plates filled with neon-xenon gas in the form of plasma. This gas is then charged when the plasma> TV is in use electrically. These strikes are charged gas phosphors (red, green and blue) produces a TV picture. Each, green and blue phosphor is a red picture element, known as pixels and better.

2. Sun is burning plasma television phosphors to create images. That is, it has some negative quality of traditional TV, including: the screen you get heat and fire of still images.

3. The screen will emit radiation.

LCD TV Overview

First LCDThe displays are layers (2) of transparent material that polarizes and "stick" together. One of the layers is coated with a substance (polymer) that includes the individual liquid crystals. When electric current is passed through individual crystals, so as to let light through or block. So if you have the panel is set correctly, place a light source (fluorescent lamp), net of him and the image produced on the LCD screen is visible.

2. Liquid crystals produce less heatas phosphors for plasma or CRT. The light source that makes the power consumed in less visible images.

3. The screen does not emit radiation.

This report is a list of pros and cons of plasma and LCD TV technology into each other.

Plasma – increased contrast ratio
LCD – contrast ratio of worst

Plasma – deep dark
LCD – deep dark less

Plasma – a better saturation
LCD – worseSaturation

Plasma – A more accurate
LCD – worse precision

Plasma – burn-in of static images
LCD – no burn-in of static images

Plasma – individual pixels do not burn (which is black or white spots that are not clear how individual pixels can not be fixed)
This is what the individual LCD pixels to burn (or knows something black, can not be settled can not be resolved as a single pixel)

Plasma – has generated more heat
LCD – generatedless heat

Plasma uses more power
LCD consumes less energy

Plasma – has problems at higher elevations
LCD – no problems at higher elevations

Plasma – weighs more (if the screen size is the same)
LCD – weighs less (if the screen size is the same)

Benefits that are missing or are in the process

Plasma can be used for motion tracking best (little or no delay for fast-moving images) have.
LCD used to display images are further behind in fast-moving.But these days, LCD, plasma, 120 Hz refresh rate, and 240Hz processing should be moving quality monitoring.

Plasma used to take a lot less. However, the new technology that has changed now so that plasma TV over 60,000 hours of operation.
LCD used to be longer, more than 60,000 hours of life.

Plasma – the only ones used in larger sizes.
LCD – not used in larger sizes.

Plasma – There are cheaper than in the control of the same size LCD TVs, especially LCD EDTV vs HDTV Plasma TV will be gaps. But the smallest. The resolution of 1080p plasma TVs between 37 and 42 inches are generally more expensive than the same size, resolution, 1080p LCD TV.

LCD – are generally more expensive than similar-sized plasma TVs, especially LCD HDTV vs EDTV plasma television. However, the gap is narrowing. The resolution of 1080p LCD> TVs between 37 and 42 inches are generally cheaper than the same size, 1080p plasma TVs.

Finally, a non-issue. Some manufacturers (plasma TV) indicated that the LCD TV contains mercury. It 's true, but the amount is small and in touch with the people they are not. LED-LCD-TV does not have mercury-free.

So which one do you buy? Well, it's up to you. But now you're in a good position to decide. All you are left with the decisionTV company, want to know what screen size, and a couple of other annoying features (I cover in another article on this). And, of course, how much to pay. But you are one step closer to having a home that the television is

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