ZOMBIES – VOL. 1: DVD sample video switch box

"Zombies – Vol 1:. Switch the window" DVD offers a terrific new to your haunted attraction / haunted house at a fraction of the cost it would take to create the same scenario. This incredible DVD adds the illusion of a flesh-hungry zombies life, as you approach that tries to break through a barred window. Once you have knocked down all the boards, break the window with his fist, sending broken glass on the right for you! Extra option: This product can be used with ahidden / "air gun" secret that your guests with a force of air as the breaks window exploded, creating a surprise anymore. You can be a great "vertically mounted" LCD TV (between 42 "- 46" for best results) or use an LCD projector and screen to achieve the effect.Filmed with real actors in HD (High Definition) video you want and using the best special effects in Hollywood this DVD creates a realistic illusion of image and your guests will never forget! You will feel like they are witnessesand experience the reality … a truly interactive experience! This product uses state-of-the-art D4 DTMF relay controller for controlling an air gun concealed. The DTMF decoder that is compatible ONLY / approved with this DVD, the product is the controller of entertainment DTMF relay D4 PROP SYSTEM (pimpmyprop.com). DVD Features / Specifications: – Realistic special visual effects – progressive scan – OPTIONAL karaoke versions (released or loop) – 16×9 widescreen

Thanks To : printer & inktoner Choose a good for my baby choose uniquegiftsbaby.com


~ by lcdhdtva on October 10, 2010.

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