Plasma LCD TV – The advantages and disadvantages of both

LCD and plasma TV technologies constantly change, it seems best, an unending debate on technology is not. Some points two years ago, not at all true today. Both plasma and LCD TVs have both the amazing picture quality and both can be wall mounted to be turned on. In this article I will talk later advantages and disadvantages of each technology and make it to you to decide which option is best suited to your needs.

Plasma TVs are oftenattached to having a short life. However, the plasma TV to last a lifetime 60,000 hours were evaluated. For the average viewer, is between 20 and 55 years old, TV is about the same as LCD.

Plasma TVs are known to have a better value than in LCD TV LCD TVs over 50 and can save more than 30% o. This is an important factor for many people looking for a new flat screen TV.

Plasmas even better contrast ratios, blackLevels and color reproduction and LCD. You also have much wider viewing angle. However, LCD TVs are best levels of brightness and white, or can no longer important to you. The producers are to improve the viewing angle on LCD TVs, so look for the angles are not so much a factor anymore. Usually the general rule is if you look better, which is in a darker room plasma TV is a will. If you're in a room, going with a lot of light,with an LCD TV.

Another important factor is screen burn-in. Plasma technology has always faced this problem and is the reason why many people choose LCD technology on it. LCD TVs have no risk of burn-in screen. Plasma TV latest significantly reduced the risk of burn-in, and not much more to worry about. However, if you play lots of video games, or watch all the static image that leaves the LCD screen could be a better choice for you.

The bottom line is, they are excellent, depending on what you use it for. If your building a home theater and movies are mostly alone in a dark room would, of course, the best plasma. But you are looking for, which is a TV all day, when set in the room or make a lot of video games for LCD has the edge. For televisions over 50 inches, the plasma is the best choice. For smaller TVs> LCD is the way to go, as more and more accessible.

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