LCD TV Vs Plasma TV

Today we have heard a lot about LCD TV and Plasma TV. Yes, that is better, LCD or plasma TV?

Technically, LCD and plasma TVs have different approaches for the same purpose. Even if you create images using completely different technologies, both types of TVs are thin enough to be almost anywhere, and create an image that is incredibly clear, sharp and bright. The main difference between the two is the screen size. MostLCD TVs have a screen that measures 30 "and smaller, while the plasma TV has a screen size of 32" and larger.

Now we compare these two popular types of television:

Color accuracy

Plasma color accuracy will prevail in low-light settings to normal, while LCDs are better in bright rooms due to their inherent anti-glare technology.

Winner: Plasma

Viewing Angles

Plasma generally has up to 160 ° viewing angle, which is about as good as horizontal andto obtain the vertical viewing angle. However, the loss of black level over the angle LCD off-axis intensity increases. This usually occurs after about 90 degrees.

Winner: Plasma


LCD for as long as its backlight does. Plasma, on the other side uses mild electrical currents to a combination of noble gases, which have an essentially active phenomenon is excited. Then, the phosphoric elements in plasma displays fade over time.

Winner: LCD


LCD display static images from computer or VGA sources extremely well, while some problems with any plasma source are different in different models and manufacturers.

Winner: LCD


LCD requires much less energy to operate than plasma because of the different technologies that use them. LCD consumes about half the power that plasma displays consume.

Winner: LCD


have a LCD HDTV displaya higher resolution than plasma of the same size comparison. LCD 1366 X 768 – easily full HD resolution of 1080i or 720p at 40, for example, a lower resolution. A 42-inch HD plasma has a resolution of 1024 X 768

Winner: LCD

So if you decide to go into operation in 2008 with LCD, here's a list of the Top 10 LCD TVs in April.

1 Sony KDL-40XBR4

Two Sharp LC-32D43U

3 Olevia 532h

4 SonyKDL-46XBR4

5 Samsung LN-T4665F

6 Samsung LN-T3753H

Vizio GV47LF 7

8 Sony KDL-40S3000

9 Samsung LN-T4061F

10 Sony KDL-26S3000

Where to buy LCD TV?

There are many ways to purchase an LCD TV. If you go with a traditional retailer, remember to look around, not only for the best prices, but also for the best equipment. Be aware that many of the branches tend to pushA manufacturer of products to another, the incentives to matters wholly independent of the merits of the products themselves, such as the sale.

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