Review of LCD TV sales – Why are LCDs better than Plasma TVs

The greatest dilemma of people during the review are widely used for LCD TVs to sell options when deciding between LCD and plasma. These are two completely different technologies, but in close competition with each other as rival cousins. I'll give you a crisp review of why LCDs have an advantage on top plasma TV.

It 's a known fact that LCD TVs are popular because they are thin and lightweight. These screens are generallyLayers of liquid crystals between two sheets of glass to use electrical charges to create a broadcast image. And the image display has a backlight that shines through the layers. At the beginning of the initial phase, had technical problems in achieving 100% before Pitch Black, because he was always a certain amount of light leaking from between pixels. But that was the older generation LCD screens. Today, with so much research and grading, the problem is not in the newer models.So much so that when the two TVs side by side play, it is not possible to distinguish their services as a layman. But if you're in a store where you choose the gadget shop person experience, my advice is to focus on the refresh rate. The lower, the better the image quality if you have fast-moving scenes. It 's true that plasma has a few advantages over LCD as well, but are evident only in a theater as a homeSituation.

The advantages of LCD TVs

LCD TV weighs more in popularity in part because they are also environmentally friendly. LCDs consume less power than plasma screens, with some estimates the function of energy savings of up to 30% less wealthy. LCDs are generally lighter than plasma of the same size, making it easier to manage or wall. They also have a huge advantage over plasma with a life of 60,000 hours, which is guaranteed.plasma models, to have a lifespan of 20,000 hours, until recently, had been increased slightly from 30,000 to 60,000 hours.

Final Conclusion

LCD TVs are hands down the most popular TV a lot, it seems, is old tube TV seem obsolete DOM in general, this TV trials are stylish, has excellent sound systems are lightweight and have the best features from a distance. The award is almost direct proportion to the size of the display. The 42 "will cost a bit more 'but worth it if you want to buy. The 32-inch TV is considered the most popular model in terms of performance and value for money. The higher the resolution, like 720p and 1080p, the higher is its size. The functions are to improve on a daily basis and prices are falling rapidly.

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