Confessions of a Tube TV Fan

Hello, I'm Jane and I love my tube TV. Yes, I bought a brand new TV and I have plasma, LCD, DLP, LCOS, or load several television stands.

I know what you think: This is not stylish and trendy. You have not even exist.

My new tube TV now has a very black and silver finish, the room is quite a bold statement in my living room. It is thinner than a TV older model tube several inches. Now, I admit, my new EntertainmentThe device is a bit 'heavier than their younger colleagues, but I will not move the TV, except maybe once or twice does not really matter in life.

My new tube television is one of the newer generation that is not my daddy TV. The apartment is a further proof of that. I am not blind and it looks too modern.

But its old technology, you say. Yes, but that translates as durable and reliable and affordable to purchase and repair. For me,This is a great feature to have. Now I have no statistics at all, but I can not buy a new tube for television, as it cost to replace my neighbor, the light bulb technology on its most recent Capability. And yes, this is my new tube TV HDTV ready in the future in motion , is concerned about the "old technology"?

Well, when it comes to photos you know you always think is a television tube, is at the lower end of the food chain. Forget that, look at these things. If a propertyNo glare screen, a good TV signal such as cable or satellite TV tube so you can not really beat when viewing standard definition. Period. displays of new technology tend to create all the imperfections of an image that is seen, less sharp than on a TV tube stress. My blacks are deeper and create vivid images I have never had any blurring during fast action scenes.

This was the economic expectations for an old technology, ignorance of new options, or something elsethat made me choose the television tube? In short, I wanted a large image, an updated look, Several hundred extra dollars in your pocket, and the ability to view digital television in the future in TV tube WAS an excellent choice for me.

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~ by lcdhdtva on September 20, 2010.

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