How to find the best LCD monitor for you

LCD screen is what it is, and you thought crystals could only be a solid. Liquid crystals were actually discovered in 1888 and took over 100 years of progress in the LCD monitor that can be seen, for computers, laptops, calculators and so on. Why the history lesson you ask, most likely because the computer you are looking for an LCD monitor, but so want to get the best deals and quality. You know soall you have LCD, or you can buy for evil.

The difference between a good-old CRT monitor and a fashion is not only the size, far from it. LCD produces a clearer image and a digital connection between your computer and the screen rather than as an analog CRT monitors. As we all know, much better digital than analog, because the signal loss less.

In addition to its main advantage the image qualityLCD monitors consume less power, that they actually save money on electricity bills. Certainly, not much but a bit ', the savings add up to make up for the difference in cost between a CRT and LCD monitors. So you end up paying LCD only about the same amount for one, how to check to have a great old bulky CRT.

Okay, let's say you want to buy an LCD monitor, but do not know what to get. Now let me say first thatAll LCDs are not equal and the quality depends greatly on the manufacturer and a few other aspects. There are so many manufacturers of LCD monitors these days, that the decision, which simply buy from the company name is too difficult. What should I do to those who find the LCD monitor in an optimal way in all other pesky lower the ratio is the comparison-contrast. The screen with the highest contrast ratio is a better image quality and color that arewhole reason we use a monitor in each case and eighth him.

Another factor that determines the image quality of LCD monitor is the answer. This means, essentially, how long will transform the liquid state, the color display that makes right. The higher the response, the more blurry pictures, especially moving images on a black background.

The connection between the monitor and the computer also makes a big difference in. LCD image quality has an AGP port, such as CRTs do, but have another port called DVI, which instead of analog, using a digital signal. Digital connections have less loss of image and color of an analog, but you need a DVI port on your computer. If your computer does not have one, install a new graphics card that works and buy.

Now you have the basic skills you need to know when buying a LCDMonitor is ready to buy one from a dealer or online. Before going, but I just wanted to say I have an LCD of the last two years and I never could look back to a CRT, have ruined my eyes! The picture quality is good only if, in addition to not talk about how much space on the desk and I feel that less power is also good. I guarantee that once you have an LCD monitor, you are not able to or back to a CRT.

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