Advantages and Disadvantages of LCD TV

Televisions have become a major product in almost all homes in the UK. As the technology improves, the needs and consumer preferences are changing. While you decide, know the place of an LCD TV with integrated technology is essential to consider lighting, the risk of certain conditions such as space, display type and viewing distance. In addition to these primary factors, consider using the number of pixels, the maximum brightness and contrast, advantages and disadvantages of> LCD technology.

Advantages of the LCD

LCD flat screen televisions for using technology to provide a clear LCD technology does not suffer in light emission from phosphorus aggravated taking the time to time. Since the length of the tunnel has been reduced significantly, LCD displays are much better in a solo show of reference for angle.Its become computing.It offers digital format for viewing,guarantees the quality of images.It includes direct access of pixels on a flat screen. LCD technology filters or blocks light in 3 primary colors red, green and blue at each pixel of the A. LCD technology needs only low voltage power operate.It able to generate less heat and consumes less electricity.It be shown in various exhibitions such as CES, VOOM and HD Ready format.It replaces the cathode ray tube picture.Instead, use the points to be addressed in a television.Most s face.It digital LCD TV "are designed with the function of TV is not easy to keep this reflective LCD. You can at any point in your room is easy to hide on the wall for power and signal connections inside. LCD TV that takes up little space to keep it in your reception.They should. in the ceiling, hang like a picture orPainting. LCD technology televisions are far less fragile in nature. Some of LCD televisions are smooth new mechanism, television covers with high artistic-end reproductions that roll away when you want. Some LCD TVs have created an elegant series of UFO software which allows the space to innovate. Then, you can set the number of out of the way in innovative configurations.As consumes low power and produces a low heat, reduce the use of fans for ventilation.


LCD technology has not grown in size plasma screen, for example. The measurement of the largest LCD TV is only 50 cm. The cost of the LCD is somewhat high. LCD technology has a very high response delay. This delay can lead to rapid motion blur. Expensive.These are LCD-TV> LCD TV are not available sizes.The viewing angle of these LCD technologies can be great in big trouble. LCD-TV is the problem of black, while the lack of production bit 'light passes. So the best black on most LCD screens is a dark gray.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of an LCD TV. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of LCDTechnology will select a suitable technology to flat-screen television program useful.

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