LCD vs Plasma TV Battle – life, size, frame rate

LCD TVs vs. Plasma TV screen sizes, plasma has the advantage that size are now master, and the development of an LCD TV is Sun They vary in size from 32 "to 63". Panasonic makes this kind, "the 103, but not for sale to consumers.

A comparison of the angles for the display, LCD vs. plasma screens, the latter an advantage. Viewing angles for plasma-screen televisions are up to 160 degrees, while viewing anglesLCD TV up to 175 degrees.

The screen is slightly different frame rates and screen technology LCD TV. Produced Plasma ex-renew and handles fast movement, such as CRT TVs. This has improved frame rates.

For the weight, LCD TVs are less expensive and easier to transport and more sustainable. Endurance test screen, LCD Win, are less vulnerable. On the other hand, the plasmas are too fragile to ship more difficult toto install. They must be installed by professionals, making them more of a dispute with the installation. This means that you need to rest a separate budget for the initial share of the budget has been set for the price of the TV alone.

Plasma vs. LCD screen is not an effective lifespan of their differentiation. The first is reported that the half-life have to 30.000 to 60.000 hours. Media CRT TVs, most of us have at home half-life of 25,000Hours.

If one less than the other, or better than others, ultimately it is up to you to decide things and will weigh.

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