Find an external TV? Reason to believe an LCD housing

The outdoor-TV is a nascent market. What once had a single exclusive products and very expensive only a few companies.

But the growth of digital outdoor signage and increased free television (in part) led by growing restrictions on smoking at national outdoor LCD televisions are about to transition to the market.

But the devices are still expensive with many costs of € 10,000 – but there is aAlternatives?

Requirements for external TV viewing

Obviously, no TV site used outside of the order, the items are protected. Rain is an obvious problem with external TV systems, there are other dangers to using a flat-screen LCD or other external device:

• Powder
• Heat
• Cold
• accidental / intentional impact

Outdoor TV can counter some of the elements such as water and dust (often are built to IP65to guard against the intrusion), but not all do.

The LCD housing

LCD fences are an effective method for the use of LCD screens outdoors, both for TV commercials for outdoor digital signage. They are weather resistant, stainless steel case that is protected, and include heating and cooling systems to ensure optimum operating temperature.

As LCD enclosures are made of steel, offer unparalleledProtection for the display. Often the screen is protected from thieves by a shatterproof cover makes the entire LCD housing impenetrable – a deterrent to vandals e.


Not only is housing an LCD much less expensive than a foreign television, even if you take into account in a commercial closed screen at home, but offers a holistic approach to protecting outdoor LCD defense:

* Impact

* Temperature

*Weather Elements

* Dust

* Address

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