LCD TV – Advantages and disadvantages

TV LCD TVs use LCD technology, as the computer LCD monitor, tune up display for video and television. Many functions of LCD TVs has made it practical as CRT and LCD televisions as well as consumers began to gain popularity among immediate.

LCD TVs are said to be a "transmissive display since light itself is not emitted by the LCD. A light source behind thePanel emits light, the light gets redirected to a white panel on the back of the LCD market, the single image to produce evenly. This is the principle behind the working conditions of LCD TVs.

The LCD TV has a solution liquid crystal trapped between two polarizing transparent crystals. For a model for the liquid crystal layer glass front of the display is recorded in a grid. These crystalsBend light in response to an electric current and each crystal acts as a shutter, either allowing light to pass or block. This pattern of transparent and dark crystals are formed that generated the image.

LCD TVs have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. LCD TVs have a response time of pixels and, therefore, in the case of fast moving objects do not show quick clamp. Improvements have been made to overcome this deficiency, but it worksonly if your screen is less than 35 inches. The bigger the screen goes to create fast-action video more ghosting and very clear videos. Since LCD panels used in LCD TVs, LCD TVs, many not the ability to go completely black, but blacks seem to be dark gray.

LCD TVs are relatively expensive than their CRT counterparts. Especially when it is larger than 35 inches, and those with an aspect ratio of 16:9very expensive. However, with continuous research and improvement, rate of production of LCD TVs LCD TVs fell, and finally began to dominate the market.

Although LCD televisions disadvantages not least, there are few benefits to compensate for flaws. The obvious and great advantage is that LCD televisions are easier to observe. LCDs offer higher contrast and brightness of the CRT TV and a good performance in almost all lightAtmosphere. Even in very bright ambient light, images are not displayed on the screen faded. The display will not suffer from glare surrounded by light. Since most flat-panel LCD TV can have a 160-degree viewing angle, the video sites look good anywhere below 80 degrees for both.

Unlike plasma TVs do not have to worry about image burn-in, ideal for use in gaming. This is because the colors are caused by the filters andScreen is coated with phosphor dots. Although LCD TVs are multifunctional, you can use it as a player HDTV, a home video player or as a monitor for your PC.

LCD screen size range of 13-65 cm and usually there are brands that displays the manufacturer up to 100 inches. Television slim profile is also economic in that it does not require much care.

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