InfoComm 2010 – Through Glass Touch Screen 72inch Film.wmv

InfoComm 2010 – Through Glass Touch Screen 72inch film. Everything on the show floor was installed – the glass was purchased in a local glass shop, Have a touch screen and projection of movies in a few minuets were made, then everything has been done, as the USB cable to your computer … . . calibrate and we were running. If you are interested in change, are your marketing efforts, we are ready to show you how to help other companies and will work for your business! Each pieceInstant Attraction Glass's line of projection screen solutions become movies. Within minuets, you can turn any piece of glass in a standard digital display interactive, our projection combined with a touch screen and turn typical interactive digital signage applications in interactive digital signage. Each piece of glass, each window market has the ability to transform and revolutionize the way your business and marketing behind it. Then received if InvolveBuyer now knows that experience is a crucial part of most every purchase and the need to withdraw from the competition is increasing when more Than to 3000 impressions on average, consumers will be presented each day. Outstanding retail stores to win big chain stores local homegrown need to focus on their products, services and sales. With the interactive window posters are characterized by full-motion graphics and advertising in a world of static posters

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~ by lcdhdtva on August 21, 2010.

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