Garmin Briefs Aero-TV On The G600

Garmin G600 receives certification and begin deliveries in the heady days of Oshkosh 2008 ANN Garmin has confirmed that it was FAA-approved model list supplemental type certification through an approved model list (AML STC) for the G600. The FAA's approval allows the G600 to 785 different makes and models of normal and utility category aircraft, including twin combustion engine and turboprop aircraft are installed with a certification weight of the engine up to 12,500 pounds. This is good newsfor those of us with planes, we keep somehow … but still want to take advantage of the revolution of glass – and do it without mortgaging our houses. Garmin G600 has two individual displays – a PFD and MFD – in a customized package designed for easy adaptation. The G600 combines primary flight data including performance data and air navigation, weather, terrain and traffic data in an intuitive format dual LCD display.This large, user-friendly presentation allows pilots to quickly and efficiently scan the data so they can stay ahead of the aircraft during all phases of flight. The G600 is designed to integrate with Garmin's panel mount WAAS GPS products. It replaces traditional mechanical gyroscopic flight solid state flight attitude Garmin and System (AHRS), greater reliability and accuracy, and provides guidance during fast motion, even in flight dynamic

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