The Checklist Outdoor Digital Signage

As an introduction to the digital outdoor campaign signs there are pitfalls many obstacles and challenges that may damage the Installation, the screen or reduces the possibility of obtaining a return on your investment may hold.

As with any project, planning is essential so that all bases are covered to prevent external digital signage project in disaster. But the list of things, and can not go wrong can be daunting, and it is too easyMiss one or two things – that could be decisive.

So to help you, here is a list of things that will help ensure that you do not miss one of the fundamental principles before installing screens in an outdoor place.


Above all, the situation must be selected. Almost all other decision will be where the sign is loading. Once the situation is, you can things like the type of weather protection it is necessary to evaluate or orderedor less direct sunlight will be a problem.


Each Outdoor Digital Signage must be protected from the weather. Find a NEMA 4 or IP65, when an LCD TV or outdoor cabinets.

Temperature – Extreme

You must have covered the two extremes. cooling requirements in summer are provided to prevent overheating, but it needs winter, be accounted for. When the temperature drops below zero – heaters mustdelivery to ensure damage is not frozen condensate.


Have established themselves as the loaded content, which can mean very well, cables and installation of network access points, before the plant can be is to have.

Impact / vandal protection

Often overlooked, but unfortunately no-one needs the-less, it will be vandalized or damaged screen to ensure both downtime and replacement costs so that it is well protected, is essential. Steel LCDThe supplements are a solution.

Direct sunlight

If the screen will then need to face the glare of the sun have taken measures to ensure the image is not washed or glare, does not prevent the content is not seen.

Health, Safety and Justice

Another consideration that is often overlooked is the influence of the screen. Outdoor Digital Signage shall not cause a distraction to road users, for example. Glass, the screen must be extended or brokenare made of safety glass to prevent damage in case of damage.


Last but not least, the content is the reason I'm on the Outdoor Digital Signage come first. But in open content can often distinguish a campaign covered and you must ensure the content is relevant to the position of characters is set.

The use of home LCD Digital Outdoor Signage

LCD-housing projects are often used in Outdoor Digital Signagebecause they allow many of the problems and challenges of using audiovisual display, which must be met outside. A good quality steel housing LCD screen is a vandal by the weather, while at the same time as a strong barrier against shocks and is also much more.

temperature systems such as fans, heating and even an air conditioner inside the case offers a micro-environment, the optimal conditions for an AV screen must be installed to operatein is maintained.

And the Options screen to enable the technology will be used to dazzle or a hostile external environment, such as screens shatter-proof, anti-, and also a versatile media player or a small PC case to install the LCD can within the custody or can be easily connected to the network through a sheet of impermeable soil.

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