Housing LCD used for LCD and plasma displays in Protecting Industrial and retail

In case of any type of digital signage for a place that is vulnerable to vandalism, such as the provision on a factory, the electronics that are not protected is in use are vulnerable to abuse, theft and vandalism. One of the best ways to protect it in case they include a special LCD display, all the electronics to protect against unauthorized access, dust, dirt and water.

Theft protection.

These covers protect against> Jobs TV on a specific framework, the framework is equipped with security screws that need a particular tool will be removed as soon as the TV is mounted and in the correct position of the cables enter the enclosure and the enclosure is locked.

Vandal protection.

Well, if someone sees a digital signature that it intended to be the weakest point of the screen, although there are units that are designed (and do) resist the effects of a standard house of stones are thrown at them.

Touch ScreenDisplay.

This is an interactive touch-keyboard is attached to the rear door, so people have a finger as a mouse, and the film has an accuracy of use of 0.5 mm. It is essentially plug and play immediately fixed on the screen. There are two types of touch-keyboard, 4 and 5 strands, which subsequently improved option, accounting for more money in any field on the display and more accurate.

These are easy to deploy and integrate allIndustrial or retail sale.

The dust and waterproof solutions.

If you do not need to protect electronics from dust and liquids, there are two types of protection available, and these depend on demand. IP56 (dust tight and water spray) or IP65 (waterproof – with high pressure water washing). IP65 is the European standard and is the closest equivalent to NEMA 4X standards of the United States.

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