LCD advertising as a point of sales solution used

LCD advertising screens are often a neglected piece of the digital signage solution, which is widely available at a very affordable price.

Some displays are equipped with motion sensors so that only display content if the customers are in the area, saving energy and reducing environmental impact.

You will see the shelves of shops or at the end of aisles are screwed and offers the latest discounts and better prices than other Competitors. Sometimes they offer home demonstrations and show people how easy it is to use a piece of equipment and what your life will be better if you buy.

Another option is nice to stand in a digital poster paper news channel introduced, so that you can load some content from the memory and displays it on screen, under the monitor is an area where people can choose their choice paper, and this is something from the future?

One of the things that> Advertising LCD with the fighting, when you imagine a regular basis to upload new content based on the task at hand if you had to update about 30 posters and a newspaper, the labor market price would be huge, this is where a digital menu board – forget the name for which is now what it was designed.

Digital menu board.

A digital menu board is almost identical to a poster, but it has a built-in Media Playeras this reduces the flexibility of the solution, when used in a digital advertising network. network display can be installed football stadium and now a trip one of them a wired or WiFi Media Player, which is connected to the screen LCD high-definition if you want, up to date content on a daily basis, is possible with the minimal effort.

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