Samsung LCD TV – Samsung Touch of Color LCD flat screen TV Review

What exactly is the Touch of Color LCD TV and it is a gimic, an innovative, cutting-edge innovation or simply a clever marketing campaign? Now you can actually be a bit 'of each.

The battle for market share in sales of LCD TV in increasingly challenging over the years. Samsung has tried a new approach is to differentiate their LCD in the battle for market share of LCD TVs with Touch of Color LCD Flat Panel MonitorTV.

The touch of color LCD proved a great success for Samsung, since they were very popular with consumers. The touch of color design is a process unique color adds a touch of amber color, with bezel blend with traditional piano black for an elegant, slim, attractive appearance. The popularity of TV shows that consumers are concerned of their televisions to be turned on interesting art, though. I expect otherManufacturer suit with their own style and unique designs in the coming years to follow.

The touch of color is a characteristic only for the exterior design of the TV. Do not turn on, or any other bells or whistles. While the element of design is attractive, the TV seems to have happened, if not brilliantly executed, if not activated. The Samsung does not disappoint in this area either.

The Samsung offers a complete picture for maximum HD 1080pResolution. The crisp, clear images to capture the essence of high definition television.

The Samsung has a 4ms response time and 120Hz frame rate with his car doubled Motion Plus, the frame rate from 60 Hz to 120 Hz Auto Motion Plus technology enables the TV to interpolate between frames to smooth the transition to a . Handles well the movement as opposed to the first LCD models make it very ideal for sport and other shows or movies where there are a lot ofthe frenetic action.

Also, the TV's 50,000:1 contrast ratio, which improves the already impressive 25:000:1 contrast the previous model. Contrast ratio determines the ability to produce deep blacks and bright white. A higher contrast will help prevent a faded image which can be seen on TV with low contrast.

model year also includes InfoLink, access to free RSS news offering, through sport, weather and stock feeds abuilt-in Ethernet port.

While Touch of Color in itself is not a ground breaking innovation, it is certainly an element of design that seemed to be a hit with consumers must and will more than likely start a trend about TV as works of art while Such views on and off. The attractive design with innovative features and smooth, sharp screen images to the HD Samsung Touch of Color LCD flat screen TV for one of the best money in your markettoday.

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