iTunes Movie Rentals – MediaBytes 12.27.2007

The NFL will allow NBC and CBS to simulcast Saturday night Patriots / Giants game. This will be the first tri-network simulcast since Super Bowl I. NBC and CBS to carry the NFL Network feed of the game, with announcers Bryant Gumbel and Cris Collinsworth. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said: "We have this extraordinary step because it is in the best interest of our fans." Yeah, right! This will be a three-hour promo for the NFL Network. Apple offers downloadable movie rentalsTwentieth Century Fox on the iTunes Store. Fox is also iPod-ready (and DRM-bound), movies on DVD in the future, so transferred to Mac computers and devices. Until now the iTunes movie purchases have not gained wide acceptance by sales of music. The addition of video stores could give a big boost Apple's online video space. Deloitte's annual media consumption report says that almost 75% of users prefer the ad-supported model for online content.66% of users say they would click on more ads if they are best suited to their interests. Most users that these ads appear more relevant when searching the Internet. Sony is the production on all rear-projection TVs to focus and stay on the panel technology Plat. The turnover set decreased in recent years as the popularity of LCD televisions soared. This year, Sony expects only a few hundred thousand rear-projection set they sell, so the business loss

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