Flat Screen housing for factory information systems used for defense

Factory information systems are ways to acquire property on which date, with the help of a computer system in a factory – ideal for applications batch or continuous production.

There are various systems for the main-BDE, these are:


This system is a centralized system based, controls the whole plant and can be run from a Web site Web sites for many countries. The computer system is installed throughout the facilityThe use of shielded cables, so that all the electrical interference occurring on the speed of the computer network. The data cable is then terminated the computers were to be stored, which are usually in a case of the PC for operator input. These computer case protects your PC and monitor harmful particles in air and liquids and are available in NEMA 12 and NEMA 4X, the first number (NEMA 12) to wash the dust and major splash protection is available as NEMA 4X for underwith high pressure water jet.

Then on the production islands have large flat screens, the television production data for the current day, hour standard would only risk damage to air, so as to have the house to be built in LCD display, offering them seal water protection and in terms of factory products can be washed through and the unit can be cooled by a thermostat or cooling system, cooling tubes running outCompressed air or fully air conditioned.

SAP is the fourth largest software company in the world, SAP has used one of the major packages of enterprise resource planning software from leading manufacturers worldwide. It 'a PC-based intangible assets, personnel, material and financial results monitored.

The ERP software is on the server and the entire local network to deploy PCs in specific locationsand displayed on large flat screens that the current production run for each specific production line. Again, flat screen fences are used.

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