What is the best 3D TV for you?

A 3D-TV is a TV that size is able to provide the three pictures and video in. This view is obtained showing a technology different images for each eye of the beholder. is the same scene from different angles, seen by both eyes, then our brain processes information and display the two images as if they were in three dimensions.

The issue here is the best 3D TV for you?

Once you decide to buy a 3D TVgets spoiled for choice and variety of price ranges with the name of the feature, so as not to be able to choose the three best family size for yourself or your TV. Let's somewhat three-dimensional TV, which can help identify the best three.

First select the 3D technology. The various technology options are anaglyph, shutter glasses 3D display active, passive and without polarized glasses 3D television. The shutter activebased 3D TVs be the best because it is unaffected a robust mature technology that increases the price of the TV and the image quality of 3D programs and stay regular.

Deciding between plasma and LCD TV 3D. If then a small screen TV LCD-TV is the best for you as a plasma television with a minimum size of about 42 cm. Otherwise, a plasma TV is better than having a frame rate and large capacity3D display 1080p without abolishing the screen resolution.

Select the screen size, which is an important factor influencing the price of the TV.

Select the desired resolution, given the distance of the viewer. For example, when you sit on a TV screen rather than away from your 1080p or 720p will not make much difference, but it does make a huge impact on me.

The selection of frame rates in 3D, the best for you. Ifdecided on the plasma TV you need not worry. But for an LCD TV you need a high refresh rate.

Now the question is the quality of 3D images. Of course, the more the better, but it is also necessary to consider the budget and this is not done out with advertising claims better image quality.

The last question is where to buy. Search for a game and also looking for discounts and prices for all brandssame type of set. The best 3D-TV is available, just give it some 'time in the selection.

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