How to mount a Flat HDTV with mounting bracket

This is a very short video from a plant in NY Pizza & Italian Restaurants The new headquarters in Roxbury, New Jersey. Easy installation with large apartment Mont ProMounts UF-PRO310 Follow these simple steps: a. gauging hole was already there from previous owners and we use them to our advantage for the operation of all the cables through the hole and the wall. b. No-video shows the mounting brackets on the back of the LCD. It 'really pretty self explanatoryStatements and we forgot to take a quick video of it – next time! c. all power cables and components have been on the wall down and the back of it has the power socket and the cable TV box HD. d. using an HDMI cable 10 feet, so keep plenty of room in the wall and place for the acquisition of the LCD and / or cable providers on the HD box a bit 'far from being the point selected. For questions, please contact us by e-mail to fire Make theConnect!

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~ by lcdhdtva on June 1, 2010.

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