A basic guide to home theater

In these days of home theater is more than ever. Years with laser disc is started, did mainstream DVDs, and now with the cheap Blu-ray and HDTV home theater experience is really for everyone.

These days, a good home theater system is easily as good as the local Cineplex and, apart from screen size, it is easy to beat!

But if you thought putting your fingers in the theater home for the first time, you can be a bit 'intimidated. Itdoes not help that many sales people do not know or do not care what they say, provided that sell das Get. If you know someone who is into home theater, you might ask already lost for good advice. Fortunately, it is very difficult.

First, here's what you should buy in any case: a home theater in a box.

The reason is a bit 'different than most. They generally have a reputation for poor sound quality due to favorableSpeakers. In fact, some of them are actually not so bad if used in a small room. The real problem is to build quality, I have many of these very soon, when his life saw his route although not funny. My advice is not easy to disturb.

What should I do to buy a decent receiver and speakers separately. The receiver should not be more expensive store. Indeed, for most casual users, the difference between a cheap receiver and probably not an expensiveobvious. Just be sure it has HDMI and support for the latest HD audio formats such as Dolby Digital, as they are used on current Blu-ray. Some good brands Denon receivers, Pioneer and Harman Kardon.

The speakers are the most important feature of your home theater, and what contributes most to overlap with the theater experience at home, no TV, if he does not cheap out, buy the best speakers you can afford. There are many great, inexpensiveSpeaker brands on the market. I'm partial to Infinity, but a look as a paradigm, Energy and Klipsch, just to name a few.

I suggest buying bookshelf speakers for home theater designs and avoid breeder. This allows you to double your system without problems more than stereo. A home theater has a minimum of six speakers to the network, a center channel (for dialogue), two surrounds and a subwoofer. Many modern formats up to 8 speakers (adding a left and right rear, and in addition toStandard two speakers.) In my personal opinion, the difference is the addition of two additional speakers are very thin, and remarkable only in a very large room. I recommend you save some money here, or place your speakers.

Do not cheap out for the subwoofer, a good place for an amazing sub will get the money for your SVS subwoofer.

Now hook up all the TV and wipe tables.

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