Public Domain Movies

You can not plan on a famous director but is still a use for public domain films, broadcasts, commercials, and audio. These can be used on websites, or creating CD or DVD that you can sell.

Much footage is available on a buyout the hottest places to make movies. There is also a great film that is used when and also in the Library of Congress

In Live Music Archive at, which is on, you can find videos of performances of live music. You may also find coverage for free at the Festival of Cinema and Television at UCLA, the Archive is

While these are excellent sources for finding public domain films, it is important to recognize that you need to buy the work of most of these sources, with the exception ofpublic domain works available at However, the share may also be useful, depending on what you mean with the movie you want.

There are several ways to use old film, broadcast and commercials for profit. Maybe you want all the work, or just use parts for products to use. Could also be a collection of old commercials for a course in marketing information!

Again, you should be aware that the format is the movie you wantin, supplied and ensure that the appropriate software or equipment to do the film for the product that you want to turn, change if the change is what you have in mind, or transfer them to the media that you want if you want to change only the delivery format. For example, you might want to change something on a video DVD.

This contains information about films in the public domain classics were published for the benefit of all "Seekers.

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