Online DVD rentals – Netflix or Blockbuster?

You might think that the market was saturated with online DVD rental, and none of the customers on the DVD rental company has to fight over, but it would be wrong. The companies are still attracting thousands of new customers every day, even if the number of people who have already signed on to use their services. The two main players in this market are Netflix and Blockbuster, and make the vast majority of DVDs that are rented online – but what is the best, and howcompare the two services?

Both Netflix and Blockbuster will perform very similar operations in terms of how their business model. Basically, you open an account, click the film, do it by mail, watch them to return and get your next set of movies – then the cycle begins again. I have used both services and can fully appreciate how good and bad for the two programs.

Netflix is the Big Daddy in this market, and more DVD titles than any other – theis a huge advantage if you currently interested in a wide range of films, but also means that multiple copies of almost every DVD ever released, that is, you should not be long in coming, and the latest blockbuster movie.

In terms of price, both companies pitch their most popular plan at just $ 20 per month (Netflix $ 19.99 – $ 17.99 Blockbuster at the time of writing). Netflix seems pretty stable at this price, but I found it to be blockbusterwhen it comes to aggressive pricing, and is often an introductory vouchers, perhaps $ 3 – $ 5 for the first 1-3 months or so. I do not know how many people would choose one over another service on price alone, why take so many other factors to consider are.

One area where I think Blockbuster has recently won a Head Start back with the improvement of the gap of time between me send the DVD to them and they send me out again. With both services ITraditionally a working time of three days of me putting my movie looked back in the mail to receive my new to me. Last year I had the chance of successful movies in my Blockbuster store, where they were still marked as "back" – these reduce the delay time of no less than 24 hours. If this factor has the burden of a little (increased drive to my local Blockbusters), meant that I could get another 2-3 series of DVDs per month.

A final area where both companies were notmeet my expectations when it comes to my rental queue. I discovered that the films I made in my tail more, the less likely I am to get the film at the top my list – I found a way to beat, especially if there is a new version that I see, are the my tail is all empty except for the five films I'd like to continue. So they have no choice but to send me what I want.

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