Samsung Touch of Color LCD Flat Screen

Have you ever heard of the Touch of Color LCD TV and this is just a promotion, a new invention, a future-oriented technology or just a smart display? It is probably a combination of all these.

Manufacturers are now challenged to LCD TV sales as you can away. LCD TVs has become very popular in the market, brands are a lot of surface area and the competition is on the rise. Samsung has developed a solution to the struggle for victoryLCD-TV market – the touch of LCD flat screen color.

TV Samsung has actually made a great success with its touch of color LCD flat screen. The design characteristics and is a great success for consumers. Touch of Color LCD TV has cut a bit artistic 'amber piano black bezels them, which made her look elegant apartment, lean and fit. Due to the popularity of television, this means that consumersAlso the concern that their television also look good, even if not lit. Would love for her television decorating a piece of art that are in harmony with all. It 'is expected that other manufacturers would follow the trend and Samsung come with their distinctive and elegant designs in the future.

What exactly is color touch? This is essentially a design feature to the outside of like any other TV you do not like it, does not work well when it is turned on. But, of course, Samsung would not fail in this one area. The only difference is the unique and elegant appearance.

To make a high quality of the final, 's Touch of Color Samsung LCD TV offers full 1080p resolution. You create the perfect image you can imagine, this is the very essence of high definition televisions. This is much better thantraditional television.

Samsung offers this technology called Auto Motion Plus With this technology, Samsung offers a response time of 4 ms and a frame rate of 120Hz, because it doubles the frame rate from 60 Hz to 120 Hz TV, a precise transition between frames. Compare up to the early versions of LCD TVs, Samsung Touch of Color TV is able to handle motion very well. This makes it ideal for entertainment with fast moving action in stateas sports and action movies.

Another feature of the Touch of Color TV is the contrast ratio of 50,000:1, the ratio is so great to be an improvement over the model last year with 25:000:1 contrast. The contrast ratio is a very important feature of television, it measures the ability of television to produce dark blacks and bright whites. That is, if the contrast ratio is higher, erupted in preventing or faded images that reflect aidTVs with contrast ratio lower.

Another great feature of the new model year is the link info. Provides access to several free RSS feeds such as news, sports, weather, stocks and Ethernet port.

Although the Samsung Touch of Color is not really a new invention, one could say that has attracted the majority of consumers, and could also be a trend with a TV that time may be space at the same time as an artistic decoration in aif it is disabled. 'S Touch of Samsung LCD flat screen color is a real value for your money with all its amazing features – High resolution images, attractive design and fashion.

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