Globalzepp interactive solutions This is the latest communication technology for BTL comapanies. Our interactive screens and monitors are the perfect medium for high quality and innovative aspect to make an impact on your business, leaving an unconscious memory of customers and plays an important role in a decision. The screens can be installed in the window, such as at home. Through our interactive technology, customers can have access to desired information.The visibility of brands, products and services is growing high and can stand 24 hours a day. . GLOBALZEPP interactive screens and monitors the message that hits! What if you could interact with your customers with your presentation? What would happen if the people invited to a virtual hostess known brand products in 24 hours? Using interactive screens GLOBALZEPP to reach new markets would be developed personalaised With new applications, will your customersdirectly to your store. Your customers will be able to know the hole range of products for your brand, to enter their contact information and then generate new revenue. GLOBALZEPP solutions offer the latest audio-visual and interactive high visual impact. Our systems provide your company and customers, based on a new two-way communication, a new form of expression! innovative solutions for the development of advertising, marketing and design. Based on

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