Cable Bay Winery Overview

Wine sales in a global market is a challenge and opportunity to do this are rare. Mid West Agencies Ltd, an international trading companies founded a wine distribution network in emerging markets, which are offered in smaller boutique wine producers from New Zealand. With the help of a well-established relationships (over 10 years) with a Chinese businessman and distribution has created a Midwest agencies the opportunity to showcase New Zealand wines in a highly oriented FrenchWine market. Initial studies are very positive with good reception for the unique taste of wine from New Zealand. Through extensive research, Mid Western agencies have certain characteristics of Chinese acquisition of terms of reference of wine and see what they wanted. Would like to see the relationship between earth, sky and sea water and the effect these factors have produced wine. The attempt of this nature should be recorded on the back of a bottle of wine so that a difficultIdea was created to have a DVD playing on a big screen LCD in a wine shop in China, was a great way to show the passion that is involved in the production of wine from New Zealand. Midwest Agencies Ltd, together with Showdown Commercial Ltd, a team of experts in TV production in New Zealand, has a TV Tutorial revolutionized our rate of sales began capturing the essence of New Zealand Movies in cellars and produce a custom glossy Each card real estate business in New Zealand for the export market

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