Guide to buying a new LCD TV

Buying a TV online

Want to know what you should look for when buying a TV online? Look what TV to watch when you buy a new flat screen. But if you want to buy a new LCD or plasma TV is to let technical jargon and do not want to spend hours reading about the pixels and contrast here is on a bit 'by buying a TV online.

Watch TV before you buy

Online shopping has become second nature to many, but there are some who see the products before purchasing please. My advice is to go see the TVs for sale on High Street. Take a look at quality, processing, image and sound capabilities. If you choose the model you want to buy your TV online. You can get a much better deal online and have no shops to take the TV back, it will be delivered directly to yourDoor.

What size TV should I buy?

Reflecting on the screen size right for you. It may sound cold, have a 50 "plasma, but fits in your living room? A 20" TV is perfect for kitchen or small bedroom TV but most buy a bigger room to go to live. It 'very popular among the people of wall mounting the TV. This means that the screen can often across the room from the sofa, so imagine the size of the room if you buytelevision.

What is the resolution in pixels?

pixel resolution determines how sharp the image will be. Check what pixel resolution for the purchase, on TV you want is usually the higher the number of pixels, the sharper the image. There are some standard resolutions. If you are buying a new LCD or plasma TV is likely to be 720p, 1080i or 1080p.

What does 720p mean?

If a TV 's Resolution1280 × 720 and then each line on the screen in exactly the same time creating a softer image.

What does it mean the 1080th?

When the TV is 1080i, then the image is interlaced and you live a more detailed picture perfect for wildlife programs.

What does 1080p mean?

If a 1080p TV is the time of each line is displayed on screen at once, just like the 720p, but better. This resolution is ideal for watching the actionFilms.

What is the high-definition gaming with?

If you have a games room high-definition as an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, you play a 1080p TV to go as it should, the problem is that they use.

What about HD DVD?

The new format for DVD-Player is a Blu-ray, this new form of high-definition DVD was conducted to 1080p for output. If you see a lot of movies and go buy a Blu-rayGo for TV to 1080p.

Refresh Rate

If it looks like fast-moving images such as TV goes on the run for a 100Hz TV. This feature expensive TV would have thought I know, whether it is worth it.


The price is often the deciding factor for a price you are comfortable with going. Technology changes all the time, which means that prices fall as long as the latest technology comes out. NamelyTherefore, it is important the best possible price when buying a TV Many sites provide. And discounts, please do that too.

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