LCD monitors – Features to consider

A positive trend in the computer market, prices of LCD monitor. There was a time when the LCD monitor used laptops were only. They were considered expensive and used more sophisticated in terms of units, like laptops. Now that the high quality product is offered at lower prices and that, even with special features of leading manufacturers, but is also convenient for users of low-end. Many of the recent introductionsthe market with DVI and HDMI inputs. They are light and smooth. Also, LCD monitors consume less power than their CRT counterparts.

LCD monitors are available in various sizes from 19 inches to 24 inches wide screen and also for the category of game. Display 19 inch flat screen are also available for basic users. Buyers should know that the size of the monitor screen in the case of LCDs) are actual size (diagonal will be difficult. for normal users who do not understand very familiar with the jargon, the meaning of different standards and dimensions of information leaflets to the product shown. It 'so better check with friends or reliable retailer before buying an LCD.

In addition to screen size and aspect ratio, there are also other factors such as native resolution, contrast, viewing angle and response time, which are important in selecting> LCD. To put it vaguely, Aspect Ratio is a measure vertical and horizontal. It 'similar to the television screen and in most cases is 4:3. The liquid crystal displays in a single solution is technically called native resolution. In fact, the number of pixels horizontally and vertically, represents the matrix LCDs. The contrast ratio is an indicator of differences in the density of dark and light shows on the screen. ShowingAngle is the preferred position of the viewer. In general, the ideal angle is 180 degrees, but at least 160 degrees is very nice. Another factor is the reaction time, time for the captured images to be published by the crystals.

If the consumer is considering the replacement of the existing LCD monitor, it is important to consider whether it is compatible with the system. The type of connector that makes the difference to note is. DoMake sure the plug can be used with the existing video card. Alternatively, find out what kind of connectors are suitable for your graphics card.

The consumer can obtain valuable information from the Internet in this way. However, it is best to visit a computer store in person and the various factors mentioned. A reliable dealer can bring the customer with the necessary information. It is not necessary to explain that "LCD is an expensive componentcomputer and you need to exercise caution. The credibility of the merchant, return, rebate offers, warranty, and especially the after sales service are the conclusion of purchase will be considered.

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