digital signage solutions for the next generation

Digital advertising is the most popular and forward thinking resource for advertising and is one of the easiest to implement and monitor the results. There are two types of dynamic signage, one indoor and the other is for external applications within these two categories can be further divided, trying to find solutions.

Indoor Digital Signage.

These characters are used in electronics welcome areas, restaurants such as digital maps and menusUniversity to provide information to students.

Digital posters.

These are the hardware cheaper than actually high-definition screen with a built-in media player that the content uploaded on the rings memory. These are easily accessible and have almost no costs for providing as it does not need to install a network, a backup prefer to be manually updated using a USB flash drive. They are called all-in-one digitalAd.

Digital menu boards.

Have an LCD display and a media player network is linked to this network may be wired or wired GPS devices and remote updating of content, prefect of a large network of content screens with the ever changing needs – such as in restaurants and bars.

Dynamic Signage outside.

This normally includes an LCD display, media players and LCDMobile TV are in the areas of theft and asked that the outside are open to the elements, a potential vandalism.

The advantage over other forms of advertising is the method that the content within seconds of being changed and updated signs promoting the product. For example, when changing weather conditions and a business has a store delivery of umbrellas to upgrade quickly, can the content and provide customers with the purchase of the day – your umbrellas. was compared with the marketing year to date of the announcement to the pressPrint out the weather had changed.

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