Transfer video from VHS to DVD, PSP, iPod is easy now

Last summer my pastor at my church asked me to install a DVD burner for the recorded performance. I'm sure this is fairly easy, but it was a footballer, he also wanted to be able to transfer old VHS recordings of services, as well as a DVD.

In the past, this meant that a capture card with RCA or component inputs and install computer software that captures and re-encode the video in DVD format. It 'was a real pain and took several hours toto achieve. Today everything is much easier. Now we have external hardware devices, not only capture but also the conversion on the fly streaming on your computer.

The device is, we solved ADS Technologies DVD Xpress DX2. This unit has RCA and S-video component. Connects to PC via a USB port and is recognized by Windows XP as a recording device. Software drivers are easy to install and load the device driver withoutProblems.

Now here the sweet ADS DVD Xpress DX2 is the software suite that comes with integration with Ulead DVD Movie Factory, which is included with the software package. So instead of catching a 2-pass and then burn DVD can now be performed directly at once.

Of course, the recorded video in your PC hard disk for manipulation are then stored and transferred to other devices like Sony PSP or Apple iPod video. SoftwareThat comes with the device to record directly to DVD (MPEG-2), SVCD, VCD (MPEG-1), MPEG-4, DivX, as well as PSP and iPod formats.

I recommend this product to all, to transfer their old VHS tapes to DVD and all those who want to create their own videos for the PSP and iPod needs. This transmission system is the easiest video I've ever found. Our church loves them because they are just a few clicks even a novice computer to burn DVDs now.

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~ by lcdhdtva on April 4, 2010.

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