How to buy a $ 100 laptop

The purchase of a $ 100 laptop is a good idea if you are looking for something cheap that do not have all the bells and whistles. When you surf with your laptop on the Internet, check e-mail to play, simple games, or simply your e-mail. Most people do not need a PowerPC processor and 80 gigabytes of space are suffering. To get a $ 100 laptop is not necessarily a bad idea.

What should I say?

So I recommend a laptop that has at least 1.4 GHzProcessor. That give the opportunity they have to do all the basics you need it. This does not restrict the choice too. I also want a laptop that is installed Vista is not, at the time of this writing is still too buggy. Keeping up with Mac OS 10 or Windows XP. Do not go lower platform, like Windows Millennium. Window Millennium avoid like the plague! Trust me, there are always a problem if you have a laptop Windows Millennium buy, buy yourself a head! Ache

In addition, you will need about 40-60 stings concert space on your hard disk. This will be enough space for music and movies. If you have a song or dozens of movie you want to go for 60 or more stings in concert recently, they need much space on your hard drive. If you need this class, you may want to look for in an external hard drive, or a laptop, a little 'more than $ 100.

Make sure your laptop has USB 2.0. If you do not have a lot ofProblems connecting to other external devices like USB sticks and any printer. If there are not only being aware that there are limited.

Make sure that you can connect to a T1 cable, and has, or use a wireless card. This is very important. Are very slow when the laptop does not have these things. Part of the fun is on the laptop that you can take anywhere. Today, most coffee shop with WiFi connection, the user want to take.

Make sure you have a laptopwith a 12-inch screen or larger. I like the resolution to more than 1000 pixels. This will give you enough space on the screen.

A place I would be very careful buying a laptop is Craiglsit or sales yard. You can offer really good to get there, I just want to ensure that it is a theft and two is not fulfilling all the requirements. Always people on Craigslist day and night before. If you choose to purchase laptop online, check store ratings often have a good diet –back and help you weed out the scams.

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