Heavy Rain – – Assignment 2 play through

Heavy Rain is a film couples. Women love the CSI and done, is, and I love women. So I bought heavy rain, and it has my wife, we can really play either, and is not a co-pilot. But the theme is a bit 'too dark. Another thing is the price. It is worth $ 64? Not really, and here is my reasoning. Blu-ray costs $ 25 on average. Great films have an actor in film, effects of study, sound engineers, stage and costume designers, makeup, lighting crews,Double teams, unions and more of your budget. But playing with an interactive movie is alittle with attractive, even if I did not quite enjoy the subject. Acquire a child murderess and bring to justice; attractive. Haunting images of the victims, etc., not so much. But to get back on track, we give the benefit of something heavy rains received films, box-office sales of tickets, so tack on $ 10, now we are at $ 35. Moreover, the films that are not 16 hours, but raincould be done much more cheaply, and voice actor through a dialogue can lead quickly in the event logistics and the location changes are not a part of the equation. Heavy Rain is a challenge? Not so much. This is something new, something unique, but Philips has released a laser disc player in the early 1990s, game-hybrids that movie was as well, so not exactly new. Therefore, it is worth $ 64? No $ 40? Maybe, but I would suggest that people waiting for $ 35 to take before buying. Enough people have bought for $ 59.99 + taxes alreadymake it

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~ by lcdhdtva on March 28, 2010.

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