Do You Want to Buy an Asus Eee 900?

How do you get so people on a computer that is on the entire stock of 1000 in less than an hour's drive, which started in Hong Kong sold out excited? Even Yahoo in Hong Kong sold out of the new machine within a few hours after the start. The source of this is the service of IDG again April 21, 2008.

What are the main advantages of the new machine? The screen went from 7 "to 8.9 higher. Remember that the size of the screen, measured diagonally (a throw back to old TVSalt). Memory is greater. The 700 series has a maximum storage capacity of 8 GB. The 900 series has a memory of 12 GB for Windows XP and 20 GB for the Linux PC. Logic would say that the XP machine requires larger memory, but at the same price as the Windows XP machine, a smaller hard drive had to be sold. The other big advance is the web cam is now 1.3 mega pixels instead of 0.3 mega pixels. The final benefit is greater and more the touch pad instead of aMouse.

The two new machines have 1 GB of RAM, but only 8 GB 700 PC has 1GB the other models have 512 MB.

In Hong Kong, so many people rush to the latest technology and the latest offer, but sales will be sustainable elsewhere? I think the answer is yes, especially for people who have been behind the camera, there on the road or at home. This is not appropriate for the first machine for someone, but it is a backup and will be used for travel or something like thata second machine.

I see a race of people who buy an Eee, to take on holiday. You can use a screen bigger than the Asus, to see their holiday snaps and see what the picture quality is like. You can also friends, relatives and business associates e-mail postcards from holidays that are fast and they know it will not be delayed in the mail. It 'embarrassing to return to work from vacation and the card back after you.

Ia large number of women with their husbands from their work on combating Asus Eee if you want to be on vacation. I also see a number of men with their wives to get away from long conversations about their girlfriends, when they should be on vacation. Sometimes we can not leave the house, even for a while '.

Can make this little miracle of a place in your home? Yes you can, especially for the many people who need a car for a further period of time during each week. II can not imagine someone with big hands or fingers to access the keyboard ASUS Eee for a very long time. Even people who think in the limited space, can also be a laptop available all the time watching this little machine.

The big advantage is that you start so fast. This can be helped so little RAM on board, as every time a computer starts, the RAM, monitor the system to function properly. A job is only 5 minutes on ASUS5 minutes and not just 5 minutes to start the car after 5 minutes of work, followed by 5 minutes and then close the machine again.

The 3 USB ports on the ASUS Eee allow many different hardware configurations for the small car. Some of us choose to use a mouse or trackball to the touchpad on the other hand, others may choose an external keyboard, but with the size of the screen and to an external monitor, a keyboard should have. All these are possible because we have a fullfunctional PC. We can also add a printer, either through wireless LAN or USB ports.

The more you this car, looks more like a car for everyone at any time.

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~ by lcdhdtva on March 25, 2010.

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